I love Bollywood, I love jigsaw puzzles…so, it’s natural I’d like to have this as a feature on our blog.  I’ve known about Jigzone for years, and loved it…addictive thing!  And I’d love to embed the puzzle directly on the page, but haven’t found a way to do it yet.  So, for now, click here for this week’s puzzle.  Since the last time I updated this feature, oh, so many moons ago, the home base has expanded and added more Bollywood themes.  Here’s a very fetching double portrait of Hrithik Roshan.

You can change cuts via the menu on the left side.   I finished it using the “44 Piece Tri-Doves” cut in 5:32.  Now you know you can do better than that!  Please post your times and the format you used to get it in the comments.  I’ll try to change it each Saturday, if I’m not too busy trying to lower my time on the last one!


  1. “51 Piece Crazy” and 9:04, but I was distracted by cats.

  2. 2:02 seconds. 35 piece JizZone…perfect short format for before going to bed.

  3. OK, I should totally thank/blame you for my obsession of the last week. This is ridiculously fun.
    I did the SRK-Madhuri hammock in in 6:21 in 48 piece classic, although the “crazy” cut is my favorite.

    • Have you tried the lizards yet? It’s my favorite when I want the procrastination to last that much longer! I hate the bricks one, though. Beware! My time today on lizards was 15:24!!! Do I know how to waste time!

  4. SRK with a moody look and a bandaged hand. Wonder what that scene is all about? 6:23 minutes on the 48 Piece Euros… I should have known that I’d be bad at anything to do with currency. The only concsoling factor is that I am the only one that has done this particular puzzle so I am officially the fastest solver.

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